Project Ferris Wheel

(The Tech Ecosystem)

As a Blockchain Network that integrates end users in order to create cross-functional value the Markaccy way, the Markaccy Mainnet is the Ferris Wheel that connects various technologies which offer dimensional and focused solutions for our global end-users:


1. Smart Contracts:

Our Markaccy Smart Contracts will drive transactions and agreements between two or more people or groups on our platform without third party intermediaries – Legal Practitioners. These open ledger transactions and agreements, which run in the form of computer code, are processed on our Blockchain network and stored on a database that cannot be changed. The agreement and transactions are met when the two people who entered the contracts fulfil the conditions of the contract. This eliminates third party fees and commissions and improve the speed of transactions by eliminating delays in the wait for lawyers.

Not only do Smart Contracts perform the above functions, they also form the digital chain that links all transactions on our Mainnet.

2. Digital Health Systems:

Our hospitals, health agencies and allied health practitioners deliver fast treatment and store crucial data that for our global end-users. These sorts of data, stored in electronic information, will promote better healthcare for patients, ensure ground-breaking research by clinical researchers in the health sector, and even ensure patients are in better control of their data.

Another strong source of value is in the creation and incorporation of specific and focused technologies that will help improve and solve patient health problems, especially in the area of health diagnostics. The analytics and big data processed in the Markaccy Mainnet will also help conserve and optimise medical resources for hospitals, reduce the staggering doctor – patient ratio, reduce patient wait times and reduce healthcare costs.

3.Decentralised Finance(DeFi):

The Markaccy Mainnet has a compartment that accommodates financial service applications which strengthen real time transparency and reduces errors. These applications will enable financial activity to proceed without the intervention of centralised financial institutions, enabling swift transactions whilst creating value for our end users. Also, our DeFi platform connects borrowers and lenders of loans, eliminating the need for long documentation and credit checks because the Mainnet flags customers with bad credit history. It also ensures credit worthy global end-users can access loans quickly.

The DeFi platform will also drive alternate crypto transactions exchangeable with the Markaccy token, and will strongly connect our digital currency platform. We will also create the DApp, a plug-and-play decentralised app which enables end-users to access financial services right from their phones at lower costs.

4.Markaccy Marketplace:

This platform on our Mainnet allows two or more people to exchange value through business transactions or diverse forms of value exchange protected by smart contracts. Our current prototypes accommodate the incorporation of Virtual Reality(VR) to create an experience for our global end-users. End-users can go as far as creating avatars that represent them, and also trade and transact businesses using these avatars.

5. Digital Curency(Cryptocurrency):

As a strong alternative which we are certain will be preferential to our end-users, the Markaccy token will be deployed as a Medium of Exchange. The Markaccy currently selling at a static price of $0.02(pre-sale) will also be used to hold long term investments and short-term trade, and the strategic listings on targeted crypto stock exchanges will protect the value of holdings of our global end-users.

6. Smart Consulting:

The Markaccy Mainnet will incorporate Machine Learning and Neural Networks on our platforms. Among several potentials this will include the option of consulting that can offer solutions based on the needs of the global end-users. This will not eliminate the relevance of consultants on our platform, but will augment it and will more importantly save time and resources for end-users. Smart Consulting will be powered by smart contracts and consulting services will be payable by cryptocurrencies.

7. Data Privacy:

Privacy is a critical success factor that determines the successful completion of agreements and transactions. We realise this gap exists in real life transactions, some growing concerns which widen this gap including unverified information, references, track record, and fake news.

Data shared and transferred on our Mainnet is strongly protected. This is achieved by allowing our global end-users to control their own data, preventing third party intermediaries from obtaining and misusing the data. It also provides secure channels through which this data can be transferred.

8. Government Regulation:

Working closely with Government agencies, we can determine how to ensure that laid down regulation and fiat covering all sectors are accessible to end-users. Another crucial area is in voting during elections, which can ensure transparency of the electoral process, by storing votes of end-users in the Mainnet and counting votes whilst protecting the data of voters. This will greatly curb election malpractice.

9. Digital Music:

Markaccy will be proliferating digital music both for upcoming talented/untalented artistes. On our network, musicians will be selected and financially and materially supported to reach out to a large audience, creating fans that will see more earning for musicians as well as better appreciation for their work. From rapid exchange of musical data, pirated copies of digital music will be easily spotted and reported, flagged to relevant regulatory parties, and only the original works of artistes will be shared. It will also be able to bring fans closer to unknown and prospective artistes, and will be able to match similar artistes to satisfy fan/consumer preferences.

10. Energy:

In the area of Energy, Markaccy is prototyping Peer-to-Peer(P2P) energy trade and Internet of Things. Value can also be created using a Smart Utility Metering System and a decentralised energy data platform. Smart meters will communicate information on energy consumption of end-users to the users and to energy companies, and these records are accessible to both parties. Decentralised marketplaces will host energy trade and decentralised energy data platforms will store energy data for end-users.